Revisión del busto clon escala 1:1 de Sideshow

Revisión del busto clon escala 1:1 de Sideshow

Hello all,

Sideshow is going to release this beauty: Clone Bust 1:1

I do not think it has a very expensive price for what it is… the price is just in the line of Sideshow’s stuff. 

I do not own one, but I will make some criticism about what I can see in the photos.

First of all, I think the paintjob is neat and very, very nice. That’s one of the best things of this bust. Nevertheless, the blue color is a little bit too dark for a 501st clone. Although it may be due to the light… 

About the the armor sculpting. The most noticeable flaw is the neck. Too roundish like the Atin/Crimson Nova armor, I am afraid. The chest slots are a bit undersized and mislocated. Take a look to this image (I know it is a pre-production image and that the waist chest is not like that in the movies… but it will serve to show what I want to point out)

The pectoral relief is a bit short and the straps should be higher.

The shoulders have two minor defects. The first one is the pointy peak near the shoulder. It should be a softer peak. The second one is the shape itself. They should go down at the end of the shoulder. I have drawn in red how the Sideshow clone’s shoulder are over a CG clone image.

When we look the back of the bust, we notice another bad thing about the shoulders….

It may be that the CG clone reference is in a more relaxed position and that’s why the shape looks different from the back. However, the pointy peak is inaccurate anyway. 

We can also see that there are some square details missing where the straps join the armor in the photo above.

We can see that the Sideshow’s clone bust leaves too much uncovered undersuit on the back neck area. This might be due to the fact that the bust is not looking ahead, because of the short neckring or because of the bust has a longer neck that the original CG clone has… or a combination of all of them :) 

Concerning the helmet, it is one the finest EP3 helmet I have ever seen. Marcelo’s helmet is great, but it was modified here and there to make the face-off mode easier. MR’s helmet is oversized and the visor is not perfect… it was opened so that people can see better when wearing it. Sideshow’s sculpters didn’t have to to care anything of those thigs. I cannot say it is oversized or undersized because the only reference I have is the apple shown in the images Tongue But, assuming it is a true 1:1 helmet, it is the best one out there IMO. The visor is in line with the helmet. There is no step between the helmet and the visor as in the movies. That is a feature that the f****** SPF scum helmets has done but all other makers have not solved  (if we can consider SPF a maker… he is a recaster) . There are only a couple of bad things I see about the helmet. One of them is that the neckring is too short and too small. It should be a little bit longer and the hole wider.  The detail on the aerators is the second imperfection the helmet has. They are missing the metalic mesh detail. The Shideshow’s helmet has only a silverish flat surface.

EDITED: I did not noticed that the color of the cheek details is wrong when I wrote this. The stripes must be black for 501st clones, not blue.

About the undersuit… it seems it is made of leather-like fabric. I think it looks really cool but it is innacurate to the movies. In the movies, clones wear a softer undersuit. This is difficult to say, but we can see it in the CG clone images posted above. I think Sideshow’s has gone for a realistic and impressive style instead of keeping stuck in what the CG clones wear. That kind of fabric might not exist, and even if they found a similar one, it might spoil the overall bust look if it doesn’t look ehrm… real? I hope you understand what I mean Smile. In addition, the undersuit stripes are too vertical on the shoulders. If you pay attention to the CG clone images I have posted before, you will see that the seams go along the arm from the shoulder. That hasn’t been properly represented on this bust… but that’s a very minor deficiency.

Finally, I think it is worth it if you do not have the skills to build and paint an armor. I think you can make your own bust for less… using OSCS parts and Steelblizt straps you can save 50% of the Sideshow’s price? Even more if you go for a recasted MR helmet and parts of a cheaper armor kit (DB94). Well, I am not sure if that percentage is right, but the total cost will definitely be less than $600 + shipping. You can enjoy painting your own bust like you want, adding your personal ‘flavour’ when weathering and so on. Perhaps you will want a good airbrush, compressor and paints. That can easily be $300 that is what you saved making your own bust but… hey! you will have an airbrush and compressor for your future projects! 

Despite all I have said, Sideshow’s clone bust adds good visual references for painters and a new stunning item to get for collectors. It will look definitely good anywhere you place it. 

Please, note that I have made the image scaling at a guess. I have used Microsoft Paint… that is not very professional but that is all I have… and I do know that the pose is not the same, and some of the red marks do not match because of that. I do know all that… but I think the images give good scaling reference anyway. 

Well, this has been my review. It is possilbe I have made some mistakes about the accuracy of the bust… or that I may have disregarded some things that should be pointed out. Now, it is your turn to add your comments and thoughts about the bust and my review. I am open to hear and discuss anything you want to comment.

I hope that you have enjoyed it Wink


¡Muy bien!

¡Muy buena revisión, San-tiagogait-naS!*

¿Te harás tú algún día un busto así? Yo, viendo lo que cuesta, no sé si arrepentirme de haber comprado los Star Wars Frames, pudiéndome haber comprado unos cinco de estos y tener mi propio ejército de bustos clon.

¿Para dónde has escrito la review esta?


* Perdona, se me han ido los dedos, y luego… creo que le di (le voy a dar) al botón de enviar antes de arrepentirme  Joking

Por cierto, hacer un busto

Por cierto, hacer un busto así no cuesta nada si tienes tu armadura acabada  Devil

Evidentemente… y quien dice

Evidentemente… y quien dice de clon, dice de royal…Tongue

Gracias :D

Me alegra que te guste. 

La Review es para HolorRed y Smile